Winter Ittehad Khadar Collection 2013/14 for Girls

Winter Ittehad Khadar Collection 201314 for Girls

Ittehad is one of the most famous winter clothing designers in Asia & Europ. Ittehad  Khadar is a very special collection . 2013-14   Charizma winter latest designs girls sute Collection . Khadar design newly launched for women and girls.Let’s see the latest  eastern collection 2013 by Ittehad . Its gathering also consist of different designs and hot colors. For more end on this page go down and take a new look at the gathering of fashion and brand. Ittehad  Khadar has launched its newly collection of clothing on Thursday for this winter season 2013-2014 . There are over 20 articles included in this collection of winter. The dresses are also designed with extensive use of motifs and embroidery to make it elegant and sexy dresses.  The collection is being reviewed by several fashion gurus and customers and scores good response and criticism. Khadar Winter creation has launched this collection with the new look of colorful styles. Winter Ittehad Khadar Collection 2013/14 for Girls

Ittehad has created this khadar winter collection with a wide range of colors and attires. All winter favorite colors like blue, magenta , green and chocolate brown sea have been included in this collection 2013-2014 winter . Each dress is the color scheme different delivery different fashion in a distinctive way .The dresses were printed in exceptional condition of the reproductions . Most of the dresses have been established in line format with a strip of neck work on the sleeves and lower bottom. Hope you like the incredible work done by Ittehad designers. Abstract designs have also been included in this Collection Ittehad Winter Khadar 2013-2014 .Ittehad  Khadar collection is perfect for all women. All winter party dresses have tried to highlight only within the newest and latest fashion in Pakistan & other coutries. For more below on this page go down and take a look at the collection of fashion products and brands, visit our web site: and join us on facebook: