Winter Collection at Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive by Payal Singhal

Winter Dresses With Payal Singhalat Lakme Fashion Week

Interestingly amazing season which increases the value of clothing that comes in a few days and the season is winter. Especially designer must design winter collection Payal is also one of them and who designed the winter collection. This fashion designer has introduced some modern category of the clothing industry is increasing like to use some designed clothes.Payal Singhal has introduced winter collection which contains hot jeans and shirts with sweaters commuted.

These products also contain some dark color according to the proper way with this winter season wearing. Payal has shown its models designed in the Lakme Fashion Week and has been the best n design winter collection 2013. Payal designed some long coats with the combination of shirts and dress pants style mode fashion. This design is best for professionals and non professionals. For more women’s accessories and dresses on our website www.hello1fashion.com