Unique And Modern Jewellery Design For Females 2015-16

Unique And Modern Jewellery Design For Females 2015-16Unique and modern design jewelry for Women | 1950’s- The invention and the explosion of the atomic bomb influenced this period with designs diamond sparkles and aerosols.

Jewellery qualified day (gold without stones adorning) and night (diamonds) wear. Florentine finishes, twisted rope, mesh, piercing, fluting, foxtail chain and braided wire became popular textures of gold jewelry. Chains cultured pearls became fashionable for daywear and turquoise, coral and amethyst were the colors of Vogue and precious stones for the period.

1960’s- few restrictions in the wonderful 60s brought a hybrid of gold, platinum, silver, natural gemstones and crystals Geode. Cut and round brilliant cut diamonds with metalwork organic, abstract and jagged shapes dominated gems. 1970’s- This feminist era, women saw in a position to buy their own jewelry and define your own style. New and different materials were used such as wood, ivory, rock crystal and coral were incorporated into jewelry design.

50 austerity diamond daywear and nightwear was abolished and diamonds again saw the light of day. Other highlights were stones, lapis lazuli, onyx and coral and other non-precious materials. Theme bracelets or charm bracelets are introduced to add attributes and purchased separately. The rich 1980-1990’s- 80s brought a demand for glitz, glamour and glitzy “Dynasty” and “Dallas” type of ornamentation.

This was offset by the elegant wedding of Princess Diana, which saw refined taste and Re grace. Like most fashion of the 90s, jewelry design was produced in many retro forms, a collection of old. Aquamarine, tanzanite, pearls and silver colors were incorporated into sophisticated or thicker styles. Many teenagers began wearing multiple earrings in both or either ear, and the influence of punk rock was seen with the arrival of safety pins and other household items used as jewelry.

Body piercing was in vogue, drawing unknowingly to most people of African origin. Rubber bangle bracelets were popularized by Madonna and other pop icons as the worldwide fascination with fame and superstars began to trump obsession with royalty.