The Thailand or (Golden Land) | Beautiful People & Beautiful Dresses

Thailand Beautiful Dresses & PeopleAlso sometimes referred to a ” golden land ” due to some country that emits light . And of course the traditional Thai clothing agrees with such lustrousness .The Thais love the different colors and can choose the color of your wedding attire by day of the week you were born or perhaps on the basis of some kind of symbolic representation .Thailand has many experts ethnic tissue from a wide range of textile products made ​​of cotton and silk. Thai Clothing is used ritually as well as nationally , and textiles have distinctive identity markers . Techniques , the fiber and the color used to distinguish the textiles produced by a group produced by others, but in general the textiles produced in the country are similar.Thailand Beautiful Dresses & People

Men and women have traditional dress feature, depending on.While men used to wear a ” Kraben chong ‘ , a type of format or plaid cotton loincloth , nowadays not usually use the traditional dress . In the colder climates of the country, the men wore cotton shirts had shoulder pads for religious or ceremonial events . Men also use a type of bag or belt known as ” Khao pha ma ‘ , made of cotton fabric in a checkered pattern .For moor news, gossip and other the newest and latest fashion in India,Pakistan, America ,Asia, USA,UK , Canada,Australia and other countries . For more below on this page go down and take a look at the collection of fashion products and brands, visit our web site: and join us on facebook: