Qadri Embroidered Abaya Collection 2013 & 2014 Girls Special Abaya Collection

Latest Abaya Collection 2013 2014 Black colour Specially for girls.Designer Dresses have been popular in the last five years, and the trend has changed everything in the world of fashion. People now prefer designer dresses more due to the availability of boutiques, online stores and the availability of a choice of large design. In the list of designer dresses, embroidered dresses are at the top. Looks are embroidered dresses are elegant, stylish and fabulous than others. The technique is old, but in the last decade, people have used the embroidery for all types of outfits. Embroidered dresses, embroidered uppers and even embroidery abayas are already available on the market. Today we brought a very beautiful and elegant embroidery designer Abaya Collection House of Al-Karam Qadri Group. All have been fed abayas with elegant silver embroidery is looking fabulous in black fabric background. Embroidered designs are simple yet elegant and enjoyable to watch. These Abayas can be used in games too. Unlike our previous collection Abaya these have been fed with elegant embroidery thread in the corners and cuffs instead of using strips of lace colors and fabrics. This collection will give a new option embroidered abayas. Hope you like this designer embroidery Abaya 2013-2014 Collection. Please leave your comments …! Below is a range of new embroidered abayas 2013 complete.