New Syra Latest Casual Outfit Collection 2013 For Girls by Vibgyo

Beautiful Vibgyor Casual Outfit Collection

Vibgyor By Syra is a new and emerging fashion brand in Pakistan which is providing its consumers the best clothes and fashion. Vibgyor By Syra working on several products include bridal gowns, formal wear, semi-formal and casual wear. Now, Vibgyor By Syra is back with another beautiful block prints collection for women. Recently, Vibgyor By Syra has launched its latest and exclusive casual wear collection 2013 for women. All dresses are embellished hard but beautiful embroidery.It was very talented and famous brand.It clothes are new brand on the market, which began its work a few months ago and now are offering their services.Vibgyor By Syra always released their beautiful and colorful collection is completely brand.Vibgyor women.It fashionable ladies collection Syra is fashionable choice Syra trend.Vibgyor launched most beautiful and elegant collection kurtis fashion dresses according demand.

Now Vibgyor by Syra now launched its new collection with the name of Vibgyor” by Syra recent dresses 2013 casual wear for women”.these dresses are consist of long shirts, shirts, shorts, socks, and Churidar pajmas beautiful and attractive color tights.Very used in these dresses. These dresses are fablous for summer casual and wear.It nice and beautiful dresses ready to wear dresses this summer season.These is low on embellishment beautifully with embroidery work on shirts that makes a good combination with the tights.Very jeans and used bright color like green, red, pink, blue colours.Lables collection, Black and stress many have very beautiful embroidery work pattren used.Very minimalist nice combination of colors used in these gowns dresses. These are ready to use for young girls.Here are Vibgyor by Syra latest collection Pents shirts and below pictures also connect with this collection.