New Bridal Jewellery Collection By Sonnar

Bridal Jewellery CollectionThe handmade jewelry brand mainly using amazing and precious diamonds, pure gold quality and well platinum.Recently, the Sonar brand also unveiled its exclusive collection of beautiful jewelry at Bridal Couture Bridal Week 2013 sponsored by Pantene.Complete collection was amazing brand so that make women forgot to blink.The stunning and luxurious collection received much admiration from the audience.Each piece made by jeweler Sonar for bridal jewelry was luxurious and elegant style.They creatively designed glamorous jewelry that is completely different not only each other but also in the collection of other brands. Bridal jewelry is mainly made of sterling and shining stones in pure gold. Are detailed and skillfully finished every single piece.The designs were eye-grabbing and much designed in traditional style and a Royal touch too. In summary, the bridal collection by Sonar is exceptional glamor, charismatic and very attractive and most favorite in girls & womens.