Latest Back and Front Neck Design Kameez Salwar

Latest Back and Neck Designs Girls Kameez SalwarLadies kurta is the traditional dress of Indian culture. Sometime called as churidar. A Churidar Salwar is a baggy pants bunch up right cord along the calf. Chudidars usually fine muslin or cotton, in white. But today comes in various colors and designs.It looks good on formal and informal occasions but it defines various fashion statements too, its ladies Kurta.Latest Back and Neck Designs Girls Kameez Salwar

Ladies Kurta is garment of India, but increasingly popular in Western countries as well.Ladies kurtas are worn by women in the upper half of his body and is available with a variety of styles.Kurta is a Persian word / Urdu. Means a collarless shirt. It is a traditional type of dress worn generally by the people of Indian subcontinent. Kurta was used to be one of the main clothing for the natives of Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.