Kids Dresses at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 3 Day With Sundus Nawaz

Sunsilk Kids Dresses SOS & Sundus

Fashion survive with us. If you thought PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was all about the men and women of fashion, then I think you need to rethink, because the day 3 of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was rocked by a spectacular fashion show Kids showed the kids Collection by Sundus Nawaz.Children dressed Sundus Nawaz was the first collection of its children are labeled “Rockstar Chipmunks”. His collection is full of life costumes for children who were worshiped by one and all at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Day 3. Children dressed Sundus Nawaz mesmerized by fashion lovers with stylish fashion suits that were filed with tapping into children’s music.

When the people first opened children were sent to schools outside but it soon became clear that if they were to be always a good education, we should do it ourselves. It was decided, therefore, that community schools will be established in conjunction with each SOS Village. This has several advantages, not only to our children and those outside a good education, but makes sure that our children do not grow in isolation. SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, with capacity for 1,500 children, opened in 1989. It has all the services necessary to provide a quality education.When she interacted with the lives of the children did not think that even though education were much stronger than most of the children in our society, but they were emotionally responsible. A father figure to look to follow his foot step missing in their lives. Although nothing can be done to offset the loss. But she has tried to put a little effort for you to become a Mantor in their lives. To which she spent most of the time, at least when free to children of the village. They have become part of his life.