Firdous Cloth Mills Latest Embroidered Swiss Voile Collection 2013

Firdous Cloth Mills Embdoidered Swiss Voil Collection 2013

FIRDOUS CLOTH MILLS Eid-Ul-Fitr has consists of shirts and frocks with pants and churidar trousers. Kids eid collecting 2013 all over the shirt  has purple with elaboration and laces on The emblem rang utilised in this collection are most blinking and eye capturing such as red, yellowness, sound, coloured, spicy and etc along with other influence contrasts. FIRDOUS CLOTH MILLS is Pakistani fashion industry is very famous in the world. FIRDOUS CLOTH MILLS are also one of the fresh founded pattern forms in Pakistan. Recently, FIRDOUS CLOTH MILLS has showcase of their eye catching Eid collection 2013 volume 2 for men. FIRDOUS CLOTH MILLS main product lines he deals for Womanand Womanclothinglines that offer out with the casual wear, formal wear, semi-formal wear, bridal wear.