Western Designer Zayan Beautiful Girls Outwear 2014-15 Collection

Designer Zayan Ghandour behind Zayan label was inspired by the famous 1990 book , like the film, ” women ” in the spring of 2014 , her latest collection .

Designer Zayan Beautiful Girls Outwear 2014 CollectionZayan label is a separatist whose style wear comfortable and modern . Zayan beautiful spring 2014 collection for girls was started beautifully.You about to see shirt and robe Jersey skirts , joggers and package bomber de Luca- concept .

Designer Zayan Beautiful Girls Outwear 2014 Collection

Fabric next season cold , sweet and girlish lace embroidered, panel from ancestors , lace puff in pastel pink and neoprene structure in black and navy . Ensemble evening with ” love  ” fairy tale ”  most prints.A pale bomb bath details metals are worn with clothing blue velvet long dark velvet gown.A with lace sleeves.A short print cooperate top with poofy skirt.Love this panel from ancestors , lace embroidered, printed playing and painting in the legend .