( Dabung ) Star Salman Khan’s Autumn / Winter Collection By Splash

Dabung Star Salman Khan Winter Collection Splash
India welcomed the famous Super star faces fresh Arab fashion brand . Exclusive photos in Dubai Salman Khan shot with dress before winter . Brand for girls and boys welcome the current winter autumn  / collection winter for men for fall 2013-14food Bollywood star Salman Khan has hired to deal with clothing Rock Fashion shop. Salman people Khan from around the world , as well as success and has launched Welcome to the fashion brand .Dabung Star Salman Khan Winter Collection Splash
They are now the fashion brand new brand ambassador . Salman Khan fall 2013-14 collection sweater is Jean denim, Hoodies, official ( coating trousers and shirts ), shirts , shirts check , T-shirts , trousers , high school , jumpers and shoes jogger Sporty can be found . All organizations and all the best for clothing, winter is made ​​with quality . Salman Khan to find out clothes winter . See below