Aba or Kftan Embroidered & fancy Fashion Styles

Aba or Kftan Embroidered & fancy Fashion Styles Islam teaches women wearing dresses , which should cover your entire body and Abaya functionality . Aba style fashion brand based in England , a group of women who have the most updated and modern since 2007.
These dresses are Islamic countries widely worn . Generally brand Abayas, jilbaabs, hijaabs and management .

Aba or Kftan Embroidered & fancy Fashion StylesEvery women and girls know the importance and simplicity of these garments, and most of all they like Abayas. Abaya Arab is considered a cultural dress . Abaya ‘s were found are many black and color , and can be either a large square of fabric draped from shoulders or head or a long caftan . The latest abaya covering entire bady except the face , feet and hands .These Islamic dress because they cover the entire body , front and back .These women can wear Abayas over their regular clothes.