Tips for Feet Care


The biggest guide foot care tip is to use moisturizers often. In all the hours you should use moisturizer on your feet to make them more flexible mild.
cracked heals
Guide pedicure with cracked heals. Sweet cures are essential to the beauty of your feet. In the wake of foot is difficult to maintain because of its hardness. First remove the cracks with hard water treatment plants and use Vaseline every night.
Skin tasks on
Feet skin usually loses the same color tone, massage must use cold cream every night. It improves blood circulation and reduces skin dryness foot carrying uneven skin.
Toe nails
Most women care for their nails but avoid toenails. It is very important to take care of the nails properly. You should cut and file your nails decently. Many tools for nail professionals available in the market to facilitate professional manner and reduce the need to go to beauty salons.
Once a week pedicure guide recommended to have pedicure every week. It can be done at home easily. Have a bucket of hot water, add lemon juice1tbs, 1TBS, shampoo1tbs, salt 1TBS rosewater and glycerin. Put your feet for 30 minutes in hot water. After rubbing her feet with a pumice stone. Massage your feet with easy access to the markets of the massage cream or oil for 10 minutes. wipe off excess oil with cotton
Fungal infections
To avoid mold care tip is to not wear socks feet for an extended period of time. If you are concerned about the problems of tea tree oil fungus would be a better solution to your problem. It is antiseptic and prevents the growth of fungi and will make your feet soft Patel. and put a pair of cotton roosters. If you do this process regularly will give your feet every word of beauty.