Paris Fashion Week Popular Designers List 2015-16

Paris Fashion Week Popular Designers List 2015-16Fashion is fashion now days. Each people are crazy about fashion and want to look unique and perfect by selecting a unique and beautiful way. There he held a fashion week in the beautiful city of France and the beautiful city is Paris.

This fashion week is also known as the fashion week in Paris so here’s the list and the 2015 collection Designers Popular Photos Fashion Week in Paris. This fashion week held twice in a year, very famous among the people and important for designers.

This fashion week held in winter or autumn season or in summer or spring of each year. The dates are decided by the Federation of French fashion also known as FFF. The week of the latest fashion was apprehended through Paris. This fashion week is one of the largest fashion weeks worldwide. This week is one of the four international fashion weeks.

These big fashion weeks are London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Fashion Week in New York and the last fashion week in Paris. These fashion weeks begins with Fashion Week in New York, then London Fashion Week, then Milan and ends in the beautiful city of France that is Paris. These fashion weeks held each year at the same time.

Paris parade was held on September 30, 2015 to October 8, 2015. Each year, many famous designers participating in this fashion week. The designer as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Comme des Garcons, Coco Chanel, Balancing and Moon Young Hee show his new fashion collection at the Fashion Week.

Last year fashion week begins with the collection of Moon Young Hee and then followed by another designer, respectively. Many other designers are part of this fashion week. In this week’s top fashion models they are on the ramp to show the latest collection of the brand leader in the world.

The reason behind this fashion week is to show and increase the value of the fashion industry in front of the other world.