Pak Personality Fiza Ali HD Wallpapers And Life Story

Pak Personality Fiza Ali HD Wallpapers And Life Story

Pak Personality Fiza Ali HD Wallpapers And Life Story To we are sharing Pan HD Wallpapers Celebrity Fiza Ali and Article Biography here .Top Pakistani model and television actress Fiza Ali is more popular and intelligent young lovely girl. She is talented and intelligent TV drama actress and cute model.
Fiza Ali background and personal profile Fiza Ali is a beautiful model and actress famous Pakistani television. Now she is gorgeous fashion model 27 years.

Pakistan Showbiz fashion industry and is occupied with talented and intelligent figures. One of the most beautiful model and actress of Pakistani theater, Fiza Ali progressively moves on the road to success.

Fiza Ali Married Life History This girl with very good qualities, have contributed to the world of the entertainment industry for a period of 10 years. He was very young when she began modeling and now after being married for two years, it remains one of the favorite directors would resort artists who worked in important memorable works in almost all local TV channels.

Fiza Ali Professional Career Information Celebrity Fiza Ali Pak HD Wallpapers and Biography (11) Fiza Ali began his career in Karachi, but then moved to Lahore to establish his career more highly fashionable. After making a number even shooting television commercials and decided to venture into acting. Recently, Fiza Ali Married with Designer Fawad Farooq and after the wedding of both (husband and wife) now happily settled in Lahore Pakistan.

Fiza Ali Bio data Achievement In Fashion Design Fiza Ali Kurt has launched its online collection called “Signature Collection” Nearing Art Gallery in Lahore. Fiza Signature brings unique collection of Ready to Wear. Therefore, the collection is styled in the Eastern and Western design.

It includes a number of cocktail and Fusion (evening dresses) wear. Now a list of dazzling and amazing images of stunning Fiza Ali. We are sure you will love this post. Celebrity Fiza Ali Pak HD wallpapers and Biography Celebrity Fiza Ali Pak HD Wallpapers And Biography (10) Birth name: Fiza Ali
Username: Unknown
It was either Date of Birth: 1978
Father Name: Unknown
Mother Surname: Unknown
Brothers and sisters: Unknown
Zodiac signs or Star: Unknown
Height: 5 ‘6 ”
Bust: 32 ”
Waist Size: 29 ”
Hips: 35 ”
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Birthplace: Karachi Pakistan
Education: Unknown
Religion: Muslim
Wedding or Marriage Marital status: Married
Husband Name: Designer Fawad Farooq
Languages: Punjabi, Urdu, English
Hobbies: Unknown
Contact Address: Unknown