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Sanam Baloch & Abdula Farhatulla Wedding Photos

Samaa Tv host and Actress Sanam Baloch‘s marriage held few days back. In this post you can see Nikkah Photos of Sanam Baloch. If you are a Sanam Baloch fan and had been following her morning shows lately, you must have noted that this newly-wed bride looks completely amazing with the new change her life has adopted. Sanam Baloch married TV anchor and writer Sama Abdullah Farhatullah. Sanam Baloch is very famous actress and model Pakistani showbiz industry.And other hand  Abdullah Farhatullah is a writer and broadcaster and is associated with Samaa TV. Sanam Baloch seems innocent and has co-brightness on his face. She has very light makeup and look very simple, but still looks beautiful. This just proves simplicity is the key to beauty.Sanam Baloch & Abdula Farhatulla Wedding Photos

Wearing a beautiful combination of red and white, the actress/host looks completely adorable on the day which for sure is, the most memorable one in her life. Like her previous photoshoot, her family is found enjoying with her, celebrating the night to fullest.Sanam Baloch & Abdula Farhatulla Wedding Photos I hope the girls learn something from Sanam and try to have simple makeup does not hide its true beauty. We are showing some days ago sanam baloch Mayon & Mehndi pictures , Now let us see sanam s wedding and nikkah pictures. For more below on this page go down and take a look at the collection of fashion products and brands, visit our web site: and join us on facebook: