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Multi Color Mehndi (Henna) Dresses @013

Most women think that Mehndi trend clothing can exist only in the color yellow. But this is just a misconception ! There are many trends in the fashion world in terms of dresses Mehndi . As the fashion world has been taking different rotations Mehndi dresses trends are changing even . In the past we’ve captured the women who wear the Mehndi sometimes yellow . The yellow color is said to be the main identification Mehndi Brides .


  •          Long Shirts with Churidar Pajamas
  •          Long Shirts with Lehengas
  •          Shararas
  •          Ghararas
  •          Tunics
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  •          Shalwar KameezMulti Color Mehndi (Henna) Dresses @013

In this article we will share some of the photos of multiple colored dresses Mehndi 2013 .
These days most Mehndi functions are very less women who wear the yellow dress . Because of this trend has been completed changed! Now women and brides prefer to wear dresses Mehndi with multi colors . In the list of those colors include:

  •       Yellow
  •       Green
  •       Pink
  •       Purple
  •       Orange
  •       MagentaNew Trend Of Multi-Colors Mehndi Dresses 2013

Some want to highlight their dresses Mehndi with yellow , green and magenta colors . These three colors are becoming one of the most famous Mehndi occasions . However, the ornamental design Mehndi dresses brides usually depends . They know they have to go through here and there at the time so they prefer to Mehndi dress simple and convenient. The embellishments are captured with pearls , stones, dabka working.If reasons and we look for in designer clothes lines then even the designers are in favor of fixing their Mehndi dresses with multi-colors . In the photos, so women will capture such dresses that have ended with a simple design but the colors are making it look flashy.So this was all about trends in multi-colors Mehndi dresses 2013! We are confident that this article should have given women much more details about Mehndi dresses . So if you are getting married soon, so do not forget to wear the dress various colors Mehndi Mehndi in its day .