Long Kaftan / Abya Trendy Women Fashion Collection 2014

Long Kaftan / Abya Trendy Women Fashionable Collection 2014Kaftan is a comfortable and elegant dress. Kaftan is a trendy and stylish dress, it gives different and elegant look.Kaftan is also used by Arabian women.You can wear them in parties, at dinners and in house.Kaftan can be stitched at home.With Arabic culture at its core, the collection reinterprets traditional designs of the past in harmony with the latest trends in global fashion, finding an exceptional pairing of modesty and chic.

Long Kaftan / Abya Trendy Women Fashionable Collection 2014

The key things to look for when buying kaftans is the fabric, how comfortable it is and it should be cut well.This dress is used with different variation in almost all time.Each design is unique, offering bespoke luxury to women who value a personalized approach to fashion.Long and Short Kaftan all is in fashion with beads and pearls, the most positive point of Kaftan is, the slim as well as healthy women both look elegant in Kaftan.The kaftan is mostly worn for big celebrations like wedding and parties.A kaftan is made of two pieces of good quailty fabric,The first layer is good but not a highly decorated fabric but the second layer also known as the over-dress has buttons up the front using the traditional sfifa and akaad closures.