Latest Tips for Glowing Skin 2014-15

Latest Tips for Glowing Skin 2014-15Homemade Tips for Glowing Skin 2014-15

Ladies & every age girls are very much conscious about protecting their skin. They never like pimples, wrinkles, dark skin tone & any other skin problem especially on their face.

Latest Tips for Glowing Skin 2014-15Easy Homemade Tips for Glowing Skin

Keeping skin clean is really a very important task. You know that skin is a very sensitive part of body & it is one of the most prominent parts of body so take care of it. Dear ladies, if you need a soft, smooth & glowing skin then I think you must read this article carefully because today I am going to share some secrets of glowing skin with you. Read carefully! How Skin Glow? Let me first tell you some homemade tips for getting glowing skin.

1)   You need to exfoliate your skin at least once in a week. So a very easy homemade tip for making exfoliate is; you need to go into your kitchen, use some sugar & mix it in honey. Now use this on your face. You can gently rub with your hand also. Then wash with lukewarm water. It removes oldest dead skin cells from your skin & makes it glow.

2)   Second beneficial tip for Glowing skin is the use of a mango peels powered (which you can make by using peels of mango, dry these in sun light then make powered). Mix this powder in milk. Make paste & apply this paste on skin for about 15 to 20 min. When it dries then wash with fresh water & get glowing skin.

3)   Another easy homemade tip for getting smooth, shiny & glowing skin is the usage of honey, lemon juice & egg (white part). Make a mask by using all these three ingredients. You can use almost one table spoon of honey & few drops of lemon juice in one egg white. Apply this mask on your face & when dry then wash from fresh water. It will surely make your skin glossy & shinny.

4)   When you get up early in the morning, then first thing that you have to do is soak a clean cloth in hot water, now keep this cloth on your face. It will help in open your pores; now use a cleanser for washing your face. After washing your face you can apply a toner on you face for glowing skin (you can prepare natural toner at home by mixing lemon juice in water).

5)   Sun Protection Foundation (SPF) is very much necessary for protecting skin from the Harmful rays of sun (UV rays Ultra Violet). So, you should try to apply it on your face & bared parts of body so that you can save your skin from sun rays. Try to wear full & long clothes for protecting your skin.

6)   It is proved from a research that eating of chocolate can helps your skin to glow. It makes skin healthy. So eat chocolate & get smooth skin.

Latest Tips for Glowing Skin