Latest Summer Collection 2013-2014 by Syra Rizwan

Summer Dresses by Syra RizwanThere are some new  brands and some individual design Pakistan, which are known for their exquisite quality fashionable clothing for men and women clothing. There is a long list of these beautiful large and small brands in Pakistan, which has been around us for quit sometime now and some of them are way older than our team is. Vibgyor by Syra is a fashion brand, launched in 2012, the brand is taking on all kinds of ready to use, fashionable formal and casual wear. Vibgyor by Syra is currently known for its party wear clothing fashion designs at night and now they are available in stores for the brand.Vibgyor by Syra recently launched its catalog of summer and spring wear the 2013-2014 season. Fashion designs in this catalog are really perfect for summer and spring of 2013-2014 catalog.Vibgyor by Syra recently published this complete 3-piece and 2 pieces satisfying their women and girls clothing. The full catalog is adorned with trendy patterns and designs that are all amazing embroidered evening wear but are they good enough compared to prices? Vibgyor is a newly established brand and is the reason people basically expect it to be cheap and affordable.