Latest Bakra Eid & Winter Khaddar Women Collection 2013 By Rashid Textiles

Rashid Textiles Latest Bakra Eid & Winter Khadar Dress 2013-14

Rashid Clothing presence with the collection of Khaddar 2013-2014 ‘s Smart Mobile and warm for the fall – winter .  The ability of the market , they lead to the growth of business success , which laid the foundations for a manufacturing plant . RTI fabric width is narrow and local varieties for both women  . Women, young and needs of older women’s fashion dresses in the collection will meet khaddar. Trademark use different colors to capture most of the phnekaphlu , such as green , red, blue , purple, the dress all is perfect for wearing plain and wear the official .RTI more than 500 staff to encourage direct and indirect , and more important role in the Treasury . Rashid clothing, some Khaddar design great and different . Rashid was embellished clothing, dresses are with full of design, sewing bak and lace.Rashid Textiles Latest Bakra Eid & Winter Khadar Dress 2013-14

Rashid Textile printing Ind (Pvt) Ltd which is adenine RTI is father again in the mid- fifty in the line of tradition with the creation of the President Haji Abdul Rashid ( last) approved the profession of retail fabric in the region. Rashid TeX is Mart, clothing shops, a Simplified RTM , which is located in the colonial small of D, – land, people , Faisalabad. RTM sale of textiles with a high quality and Rashid Knights have Dames.For she has a type different of Latha, Batista, cotton , Knights , the style and premium quality set , cotton known as ALLURE. For women that we have the type of different of grass , Khaddar, Linen suit Khaddar with shawl (dupatta) and fit with dupatta chiffon. Garments Rashid printed shirts are also pieces of digital set a piece of 3 dupatta chiffon and the project was . Collecting Khaddar now can be found in the shop. If you want to have some collection of khaddar to a fabric store near you.Now view photos of Rashid clothes fall winter 2013-2014 Khaddar dresses for women and girls .