Gul Ahmed Ideas Single Embroidered Winter Wear Shirts Collection

Gul Ahmed Ideas Single Embroidered Winter Wear Shirts Collection“Shirts Gul Ahmed Collection 2014-15 Individual embroidered Ideas” is the name of the collection that we present in this article. This collection “Gul Ahmed embroidered linen” is launched by Gul Ahmed Gul Ahmed ideas or few days ago and is now available on its official website.

Gul Ahmed Ideas Single Embroidered Winter Wear Shirts CollectionGul Ahmed is known to anyone who has a sense of fashion or manner lover. One thing I want to say concerning this, “Gul Ahmed overstated Linen compilation” is simpler advertising this “Gul Ahmed Winter compilation”. We have no dress there in this “sewing anthology Gul Ahmed Single”. Gul Ahmed is also known overseas to UK, USA, Canada, Dubai, Australia and Abu Ahmed Dhabi.

Gul Individual Ideas Embroidered Shirts Collection 2014-15. Gull Ahmed as best ever, is now presented to another great and glorious dress collection for Fall / Winter Season is now coming slowly and steady. In this collection, individual embroidery or one-piece dresses were added. There are T-shirts with thinner and lighter embroidery cotton Gotten work with them.

Actually, you can also call one of three pieces of ‘collection of bath and shirts are also divided / separated into 3 parts as embroidery back, front embroidery also be embroidered sleeves’ laces. Prints and colors in this collection are superlatives like never before. No unusual patterns that are used, but in a unique way.

They are not mostly Banarsi, floral, geometric digital, circles, tiles, and many others like them. Coloring and combinations dresses in this collection thereof are also very splendid and wonderful. We hope you will like this “Gul Ahmed Fall / winter 2014-15”.

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