Girls Summer Party Dresses 2013 Fashion by Parivash

Parivash boutique fashionParivash boutique fashion point located in Karachi Pakistan since 2012, where the latest fashion dresses like Pakistani women wear, embroidered dresses, shalwar, Choridar pants, suits, jewelry and accessories imported.Parivash wear section includes varieties of Pakistan woman andethnic traditional suits. Today this type of equipment is used by many communities.

Our dresses are smart, elegant and which can take you breezing at work for afternoon tea to a party, dinner. Parivash Boutique offers andparty casual wear wear suits with embroidery and embellishment laces.Parivash party wear collection 2013 has consists of dresses and long shirts with socks, and Churidar pajamas trousers.Parivash this beautiful collection designed according to the season of summer.This summer collection 2013 Parivash been decorated with bright colors like green, blue, red, black and etc. Boutique etc.Parivash party wear collection spring summer 2013 is filled with striking looks and styles. Parivash clientele consists both working women and housewives. They are fashionable women’s fashion that are very conscious about their appearance. They know how they want to be and our line definitely caters to their demands.