First (1st) Fashion Textile Clothing Show In Lahore APTMA 2013

First (1st) Fashion Textile Clothing Show In Lahore APTMA 2013First time the fashion designer was held in Lahore, Governor House . It is expected that the second show will be held in New York in March 2014.The APTMA Chairman , Yasin Siddik expressed relief and happiness for the implementation of an activity like this , and urged governments to provide more support for this. He also thanked the EU for changing preferences to grant Pakistan GSP Plus status .Followed by a lavish dinner prepared for guests.Chief of the Committee on International Trade APTMA Amir Fayyaz called the textile industry as ” the largest industry in Pakistan. The largest employer is that all APTMA entities belong to the business sector, ” Siddiq said.First (1st) Fashion Textile Clothing Show In Lahore APTMA 2013

A slide continued to highlight the achievements of Pakistan of the key players in the fabric and the design industry in recent years . “We want trade, not aid ,” he said . Sarwar Chaudhry , the governor of Punjab , expressed satisfaction that Pakistan has achieved the status SGP Plus EU . ” the textile industry is the backbone of Pakistan, ” said Finance Minister Ishaq Dar ‘s added.Ali Xeeshan , Ali Ace designer opened the show by designer for all, and presented some of his creations .For more below on this page go down and take a look at the collection of fashion products and brands, and join us on facebook: