Farhan & Ambreen Eid Collection 2013 Pakistan Fashion Week 2013 in London

Farhan and Ambreen Eid Collection in Pakistan Fashion Week in London

Farhan and Ambreen Designers are the two most famous and eminent do yet in Pakistan. These two designers person has been digging since last few couple of geezerhood and now arriving until fame and success generally represented in its statement. Farhan and Ambreen know insights gained much more honorable for his imaginary excavation on clothing and miscellaneous infusing flavors syndication Midwest and East. The collection includes oriental and fusion clothing that easily puts this collection luxury and semi Pret category.Cutwork bridal embroidery, ornaments of gold, silver, green, Black, electric blue and orange with a jet jamavaar fabrics, chiffon, silk and velvet make the entire collection look glamorous, romantic and fresh.  Fashion Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza will be held on June 16 at the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, London. Many of the best Pakistani Pakistani designers and models will be presenting the show. Farhan and Ambreen the duo designers will participate in this show. 16 costumes will be exhibited include Oriental Fusion semi bridal collection.Human They even showed their collections on numerous practice as a source.