Egyptian Cotton Eid Special Collection 2013-14 By Shariq Textiles

Egyptian Cotton Eid Collection 2013-14 Shariq Textiles

Shariq Textiles Egypt is back with Cotton Eid Special Collection 2013-14 By Shariq Textiles Cotton . This collection contains with long shirts , sleeveless, simple open line with embroidery work on the neck. The shirts are printed with different designs such as flowers , geometric and zigzag Shariq Textiles always serving high quality summer and winter clothes with cheap price but high quality fabric ..Girls also are provided with simple trousers , fins, capries and shalwar with printed cotton dupattas Shirts are also decorated with different style beads , pipes , tapes, etc to make them look attractive .Egyptian Cotton Eid Collection 2013-14 Shariq Textiles

  Brand Shariq Textiles is one of the popular brands of Pakistan and worldwide accredited countries like UK , USA , Canada , United Arab Emirates , Saudi Arabia , Dubai , Oman , etc. It offers both sewn dresses and seamless. Shariq Textiles uses the best quality fabric for its production. It uses a mixture of coloring material moving.The shirts are sewn in a different style and elegant. Shariq Textiles recently released his latest collection of dresses for women and girls , keeping the idea of ​​the Eid . This collection is called as ” Shariq Textiles Collection Egyptian Cotton Girls” . You can wear these dresses at different events like Eid , marriage and other occasions. Girls can also wear these beautiful dresses on the functions of colleges and universities. We hope you like this outfit by Shariq Textiles collection . It’s time to get pictures of the cotton collection 2013-14 Egyptian Cotton By Shariq Textiles …