Dawood Gold Lawn Collection Summer Vol-1 2014

Dawood Gold Lawn Collection Summer Vol-1 2014Dawood Textile is one of the leading clothing brands of Pakistan , which has a wide array of clothing and fashion brand for all seasons . For seasonal summer year 2014 Dawood has already started its Zam Zam, Design Collection and Hajiba de Chiffon collections.In this department collect gold Dawood displayed fashion digital printing in color , beautiful brand famous combinations.Dawood Gold Lawn Collection Summer Vol-1 2014Dawood ‘s include collection design Li Ali Suite, fashion Aalisha Chiffon, fashion Zam Zam Chiffon, Hajiba de Chiffon, fashion Amelia with ideas KUKI and Dawood gold classical department .In addition, these started today Dawood Dawood Gold Department 2014.This Dawood another Gold DMC 2014 will be more affordable to your wardrobe in the summer of 2014 . Dawood focused print abstract and deceived objects on fabric color , and moreover dress is raised , and patch panels . Busted and print neckline is a beautiful decoration in digital printing .