Classification And Types South Wedding Indian Jewellery 2015-16

Classification And Types South Wedding Indian Jewellery 2015-16Indian wedding jewelry: wedding jewelry has always been an essential part of every aspect of every Indian bride. Classification and Types South Wedding Indian Jewellery 2015-16

Everything ranging from something as small as a toe ring to as large as a necklace is equally important in making a bride look complete. All these pieces of traditional Indian jewelry make a look stunningly beautiful and very elegant on the great day of his life girlfriend.

Single or multi Paati Maatha Tiara is chosen especially brides, as the design and too heavy jewelry adds style nearby feels nod makes the bride looks like a queen. This is one of the best styles of mange tikka Girlsl many prefer to wear these days.

Moreover, called the Nawabi style, this maang tikka falls on the side of the front, instead of being placed in the center. These parts of the state are a popular choice among all those brides who believe in traditional but stylish look. Bride with long faces or rather broad fronts can carry this style with grace.

Bolra is a south Indian Tikka, a kind of round appearance. Here we are presenting you Matha Pati account and have a center like bolra as maang tika. This is a style of South India common maang tika or pati matha is commonly used by women in areas of southern India.