Ali Zafar And Ayesha Fazli Wedding Pictures on Hello2 Fashion

Ali Zafar Wedding PicturesAli Zafar belongs to a middle class family has not back ground of showbiz.When I was a kid I was used paint.He want to live a lifestyle of high bits so he began to paint portraits of visitors in the lobby of a hotel to make money, but when he grew up he realized his voice is pretty good and can sing and then began working in all music heart.
He was also involved in modeling a bit, but does not seem creative modeling for him to act switches which was quite successful.
Music Career
His first album called “Huqa Pani”, was released in Pakistan in 2003 and worldwide in 2005.
Film Career:
After success as a singer moved to films and his first movie was “Tera Bin Laden ” nie received healthy response.
Family Life:
He is married and July 2009 with the girl he wanted to.Both met 10 years ago when she came into the hotel lobby to make your portrait as Ali Zafar.They are blessed with a name Aazaan son, two years old. This couple has good understanding and love.Both find time to be together despite tight  schedules and bust.